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Wednesday, June 23 2021
Warning: Market Crash of October 2021

See the smoldering burning plane in the picture?

That's what our economy is going to look like in the years to come.

Don't believe me?  You don't have to.

We've been on the longest bull market trend in history...more than 13 years (and counting) to be exact.

And what goes up, always comes down!

What I think is interesting is how complacent people have become.  It's almost as if people have let their guards down because they believe the pandemic is fully over (it's not) so let the good times roll (for a short time, anyway).

Here's the way I see it (and you can agree or disagree if you want...doesn't matter to me):

The high-class and upper-middle class people of the country are going to be A-OK.  This accounts for approximately 15% of the population.

The rest of the 85% is in the lower-class section of the population pyramid. 

Where is the middle class? 

Unfortunately, it's now lumped in with the lower-middle and lower-class because most are one or two paychecks away from the streets.  It doesn't matter if people have a nice car and live in a nice neighborhood or not.  If they're so financially short that they are depending on every paycheck on time then that means they're part of the 85% lower class.  They're considered unstable, depending on every cent that comes in.  And if any money comes in late, they're filing for bankruptcy.

So, you'll see that the upper 15% will be doing all kinds of stuff.  Buying luxury homes and cars.  Traveling the world, going on expensive trips.  Buying new wardrobes.  And just getting out there in our post-pandemic world.

Now, you'll find that a lot of other people (lower 85%) will "try" to do these same things.  Except that all they're doing is wracking up bad debt to be able to take their trips, buy new stuff, and pretend that their future is bright and secure.

Except it's not.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Things may seem "fine" right now (kind of like the "Roaring 20s" so long ago).  And then we all know what happened at the end of that gravy train.

October 1929.

Stock market crash.

The end of the "high times" era.

And the beginning of a very long and arduous Great Depression...the worst ever in history.

Until 2008, that is.

Now, I'm not comparing what will happen to either one of those.  Although it may be equal to the Great Depression and the Great Recession.  Who knows?  We won't know until we're in it.

And it's going to happen.  Regardless of what you think.  Nothing keeps going up and up and up without some kind of contraction, pull-back, or recession.  Contraction is normal.  Hyper-inflation and a forever-expanding economy is not normal...not at all!

So, when will it happen?  I don't know.  I do know that a lot of crashes happen in the October to be exact.  Will it happen in October 2021?  I don't know.  But I do know what you should be doing to line yourself up for the opportunity windfall that's about to come.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video that will show you exactly how you can get your "ducks in a row" for the opportunities that will flurry in abundance in the months and years to come.

Trust me...if you missed the opportunity after the crash of 2008, you don't want to miss out on these opportunities because they will likely be your last in your lifetime.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, June 19 2021

There's a huge tsunami coming our way.

And no, it's not the kind that comes from the ocean.

It's so odd how most people seem to be content -- even excited -- as they blindly believe that "all is well" after the vast majority of the "scamdemic" is behind us.

But what most people don't realize is that we have some extreme problems coming our way.

And it has to do with the economy.

I don't think it takes a rocket scientists or a genius to figure out that the stock market is way too high (when taking into context the real "value" of the stocks or stock index markets).  Real estate prices are too high.  Building materials such as lumber and concrete...also way too high.

We're having a supply and demand problem.

But not for long.

If you think in terms of what "supply and demand" really means, it's this:  when the supply of something exceeds the demand, prices go down because there is less value.  On the other side of the coin, when demand exceeds the supply, prices go up.

Which is what's happening right now.


How long is it possible or "probable" that such a demand can continue to exist?  After all, millions of people have been existing on credit cards and government stimulus money.  Most people also haven't seen a raise in a long time.  There is a labor shortage (because there are people who would rather take unemployment checks than go to work).

Who are all of these people overpaying on homes?  Who can afford it?

This is exactly what happened in 2007-2008.  Real estate prices went through the roof.  But, as we all know, at some point the music has to stop.

And who is always left holding the bag?  Those who paid the highest dollar amounts for their properties...right before the bottom dropped out.

While some people will keep their overpriced houses, even when they are worth much less than what they paid for them, others won't.  Some will walk away.  Others will find difficulty being able to afford their overpriced property.

Do I think we're going to see a replay of 2008?

I'm not sure it'll be that bad but we are definitely in for a wild ride when it comes to economic changes.

Think about it: we've been in a bull market for more than 13 years which is longer than any other period in our economic history.  What goes up, must come down.  And it's right around the corner. you know, with hard times ahead, there is always opportunity if you play your cards right.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about and how you can take advantage of these opportunities by playing your cards right.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I'll be doing a special training on "A Tsunami of Opportunity for 2022."  CLICK HERE to register for this rare and unique event right now!

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